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Snowmobile routes and smaller tracks, 250 km in Ranua


Link to route map. Only in finnish. Ranua - Rovaniemi, Ranua - Posio, Ranua - Syöte. You can buy the map in the municipality office (10,00 €).

Everyman's Rights


Everyman's Rights and regulations. Also small booklet in PDF format.

Hiking trails in Ranua, Simo and Pudasjärvi


Different kinds of nature trails. Most of them are free and you are there on your own.

Border to border skiing event in March, 440 km


From Russian border to Swedish border in Finland. Kuusamo - Taivalkoski - Pudasjärvi - Ranua - Keminmaa - Tornio. It was our former municipal manager Kauno Harju, who invented this happening.

Wildlife Safaris


Wildlife Safaris is a safari organizer that operates in the vicinity of Ranua Wildlife Park.


Activities for children


In Ranua and Rovaniemi.

The Golden Cloudberry Festival


Biggest happening in Ranua, first weekend in August.

Ranua Cranberry Fair


Once a year also this quite a new market happening in Ranua. Event takes place at Hillatori, in the centre of Ranua,on June, last Sunday before the Midsummer day.

National Parks

Oulanka Oulanka  

National parks  and Protected Area Networks (PAN) nearby.


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