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Let us help you enjoy the top attractions here in Ranua and Lapland nearby. The Ranua Zoo and our nature offer many interesting things to see and to experience. At the Zoo you surely see wild animals and there are also many kinds of activities available there throughout the year. Follow the links on the left and hold your breath. In every season there is something interesting to look over.


But in the cultural sight of view this part of Lapland has also something to offer.


The Arktikum in Rovaniemi provides a unique insight into the way of life, culture and history of the North. It is a museum, science centre, conference house as well as an architectural sight in its own right.


In Simojärvi, there is the Japanese house, which is an exotic cultural experience in the middle of the Lappish nature.


The Pentik-mäki Culture Centre in Posio is an innovative visitor attraction and shopping destination. It provides visitors with a fascinating insight into the past and present of the Pentik brand. The buildings that make up the Centre are joined together by glass walkways, creating a museum, exhibition, café and shopping complex covering more than 8,000 sq ft. Entry to all the museums and exhibitions is free.














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