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There is hardly no better way to relax than in the quiet of the Lappish nature. You can hear the lap of water against the shore, the breeze rustling the birch leaves, and the sound of a cuckoo far away or sound of a diver from the lake. Or hear the peaceful sound of the rain against the roof, when you are resting. You can always warm a sauna and take a cold drink and just listen attentively on the terrace. By an old Finnish saying an illness was to cause death if liquor, tar and sauna did not help. Well, liquor or hangover and sauna are not good combinations.


Also ice fishing in winters offers a tranquil nature experience and fresh air without a big diligence. And the best thing is, that it is very cheap way to enjoy nature. Both our cabins Peurakangasranta and Lohiniitty offer you enough privacy to enjoy to the full. Let the nature spoil you.


But if this is not enough, you can always find your humble servants to do the job.


How to manage with mosquitoes:


To adequately prepare for the mosquitoes, gnats and other insects that are a natural part of a Finnish summer, bring along some mosquito spray and insect repellent, incense or outdoor candles, medicated creams, and netted caps. The doors and windows must be closed, otherwise living in the cabin can be uncomfortable. The mosquito season in Lapland lasts from around midsummer to the beginning of August. We take no responsibility for any discomfort or harm caused by insects.


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